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  > Becks Zapper and Silver Maker model 5000 is made in the UK. Becks Zapper and Silver Maker model 5000 is made in the UK.

Becks Zapper/Standard Colloidal Silver Maker 5000

Go to the 5010 to see a video on the differences between the 5010 and the 5000 models.

Becks Zapper and Silver Maker is made  in the UK. 

How does it work? This device is specific, it only Zaps the blood. Your blood should have NO foreign organisms in it at all. The unit puts a small electrical current into the blood at the ankle pulse point which damages the outside of viruses bacteria and parasites which should not be in your blood and will be making you feel unwell.  You may feel tired all the time and have a raised temperature occasionally.  The damaged caused by this small amount of electricity may make these bugs unable to invade our cells and more vulnerable to attack from our immune system.

This principle was discovered in the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York in 1991. The technology then went underground whilst large medical companies were patenting the method making the treatment a hospital visit costing £1000’s. Now you can do it at home yourself for pennies!!

The unit has a dual purpose to enable you to choose between Zapping and making Colloidal Silver with a flick of the mode switch.  Colloidal Silver kills all single cell organisms,  so even MRSA and C diff are vulnerable.  It is the universal natural anti-biotic.

Making golden colloidal silver with this device is easy, because it outputs a high voltage 33v. Cheaper devices may only provide an output of 27volts.  More information on Colloidal Silver  along with health tips can be found on  Health tips.

Order will include:- Becks Zapper/Silver Maker model 5000, 1 PP3 9v battery, 10 biotabs (enough for 10 Zapping sessions - if you need more  packs of 100 are available code 5007) , 2 pure silver electrodes x 80mm and a set of instructions.

Why is our Silver Zapper much better than the SOTA unit  click this link - Best Silver Zapper

See our leatest video on how to use Colloidal Silver

Our Price: £130.00

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